Hi, I’m Wendy!  Thanks so much for stopping by my newly founded blog.  I’m a total health food and running fanatic and so many friends have suggested that I start a blog about my obsessions.  So here is a little about me and what most my posts will be about….

RUNNING FANATIC –  The Half Marathon is my favorite race but I have also run 2 Full Marathons.  Half Marathon PR 1:38.  Full Marathon PR 3:47.  On the bucket list is an Ultra Marathon and a Triathlon.  I love how running is about setting personal goals for yourself and working to achieve them.  It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are it’s about what your goals are.

YOGA LOVER – I find hot yoga as a perfect compliment to my running.  It stretches out my hips and muscles as well as develops the strength in my core and back.  I also love taking fun yoga pics in front of pretty scenery on my runs or on adventures.  You can see more of these pics on Instagram.  @fiercebaer

JUICING OBSESSED – Juicing is a part of my everyday lifestyle.  #juiceeveryday

HEALTH FOOD NUT – Yeah, I’m a pretty clean eater who loves her veggies!  I don’t 100% exclude anything except meat.  I still eat fish and limit bread/gluten and cheese.  You can read more in MY JOURNEY TO HEALTHY 

SPIRITUAL JUNKIE – I’m always working to live my best life and be the best person I can be.  I love being inspired by others.  You can see more of who inspires me in FIERCE FEMALES.

I hope you enjoy!  And remember to always be yourself, do what you love, do what makes you feel amazing.  #liveyourfiercelife

Fiercely Wendy


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