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Wisdom Teeth Removal – Post Surgery Recovery Plan


So about 2 weeks ago the Hubs had his wisdom teeth removed, something he has been needing to do for years……but kept putting off…..till I went ahead and scheduled it for him.

The surgery went fairly well but he had some “tough teeth to remove.”  Essentially the doctors said that on a difficulty level of 1-5 he was a 6.  Yikes!  The Hubs has visions of the Doc just hammering away in his mouth to remove the tough embedded bone.  He was pretty swollen and sore for a good week after.  *Note to all remove your wisdom teeth when you are young.  Don’t put it off and let the teeth get comfortable and strong.

So I went into full take care of Hubs mode and may have been excited to whip up lot’s of juices, smoothies, and soups.  I’ve decided to share my recipe’s here in case anyone else needs some help with a body repairing and fueling liquid diet.




Let’s start with the juices….I decide to make pure juices vs. veggie smoothies for a couple of reasons.  The veggie smoothies have too many small particles from the spinach and fruit that would get caught in the wisdom pockets.  I also wanted the Hubs to get the ultimate vitamin benefits from the pure juices to help his body heal.  Since juicing extracts all the pulp and bulk from the food your body is able to quickly absorb all the great nutrients from the pure juice.  You can read more on my FIERCE JUICING PAGE.  I decided to switch off between 3 different juices to create a nice combo of different nutrients.

My favorite was the BEET JUICE!  Top benefits…

  1. Beets are high in iron which is great for blood building and recovery.
  2. Beets detoxify and cleanse the body.  Post surgery it is great to remove the anesthesia hangover in the body.
  3. Ginger is great for inflammation.


Next up was the GREEN JUICE.  Top benefits…

  1. Leafy greens are high in Vitamin K which is great for blood clotting.  We wanted those holes in his mouth to clot not bleed!
  2. Kale is also an excellent anti-inflammatory.
  3. Kale is high in Calcium.


And then we have the ORANGE CARROT JUICE.  Top benefit is the healing power of Vitamin C!



Every morning I would make him this scrumptious BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE.  I added RAW FUSION chocolate protein powder to help get some protein in his diet.  The avocado was also a good way to add some healthy fats.  (I promise, you won’t taste it)  Normally when I make this smoothie I’ll add some berries, spinach, and chia seeds.  But in this case none of those were allowed for fear of getting stuck in the toothless holes!


The Hubs absolute favorite smoothie was and still is WATERMELON BANANA.  He still asks me to make this everyday.  It’s so simple with the cold watermelon + banana (frozen preferably) and some crushed ice.  Very refreshing!



Okay so now for the soups.  I actually thought I’b be making a lot more soups, but it just didn’t happen as he started to move on to softer food after the first few days.

BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP – this is one I love to make in fall.

  1. I cook my butternut squash in slow cooker on low for 4 hours
  2. cook 1/2 a yellow onion and 1/2 a bell pepper on the stove – season with pepper and cayenne pepper
  3. blend cooked butternut squash, onion and pepper with some chicken or vegetable broth till liquified.
  4. place back in slow cooker to warm back up.  Season with more salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper to your liking.
  5. The hubs did then have me fry an egg for the soup as well and add some sriracha sauce.


CHILLED AVOCADO AND ZUCCHINI SOUP – A pinterest find!  Full recipe from Dr. Axe Food is Medicine found here


After the first couple days the Hubs was able to start adding some soft food to his diet.  Other go to food became eggs, pancakes, greek yogurt, pb&j sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, noodle soups, and pho!  A few other suggestions would be hummus with some soft pita bread and mashed sweet potatoes.




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I discovered last year that not only do I love beets in my juices I also like them cooked.  I was on work trip in Portland last summer and beets must have been in season cause they were served at every meal, excluding breakfast… I’m not sure what my original aversion to them was but I decided to try a beet and goat cheese salad and whoa! Scrumptious!  But since then, I’ve never quite been able to cook them at home.  I either wouldn’t cook them long enough and they were not soft or too long and they would be too soft.  You want to just find that perfect medium.  And oh what to do with that skin!  Well, I’ve recently work that all out!

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Perfectly roasted beets for toppings on your salad, pizza, and more!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Passive Time 30 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Passive Time 30 minutes
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Cut off any beet stems and any tail to the beet, but leave the skin on and place beet on a sheet of foil
  3. Drizzle with olive oil, salt, and pepper
  4. Wrap the seasoned beet in the foil
  5. Cook for aprox 40 minutes
  6. Remove beet from oven and let cool a few minutes till you can remove the foil and then let cool at least 15 minutes
  7. Take beet and run under cool water and the skin should easily peel off using your fingers. I don't know why but I find this so cool!
  8. Cut up beet into slices and place in refrigerator to cool another 15 minutes
  9. Add to you your favorite salad! I love mine with Kale, Goat Cheese and olive oil/balsamic dressing.
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We love us some Kale Chips at the YoungBaer household.  It is definitely the most requested food item by the Hubs, with PB & J coming in at a close 2nd.  Almost everyday I hear “are you making kale chips!?”  I think we need to start growing our own kale since we go through so much of it between the chips, salads, and juicing.  But hey, the recipe is super easy to make and a satisfying healthy snack.  So here ya go…..

Kale Chip Pic Stitch



1 head of Kale

1-2 TBSP Olive Oil

dash of Cayenne Pepper

3 dashes of Pepper

a few sprinkles of Sea Salt

*sorry my measurements aren’t exact but you have to get a feel for how much kale you make and how spicy and seasoned you like them.  The olive oil should lightly coat the leaves, but not douse them.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Place olive oil and seasoning in a large bowl

Pull kale leaves off of branches and rip into small/medium pieces, place pieces on a paper towel

Use paper towel to pat dry and remove moisture from kale as you do not want soggy chips

Toss leaves in bowl and mix around with your hands till all leaves are coated

Place on baking sheet and in oven

Cook for 20-25 minutes depending on how much kale or how quickly your oven cooks.  Half way through pull kale out and mix around in the baking sheet

Enjoy!  And you will be surprised at how addicting these are!

I Love Kale,

Fiercely Wendy