I first heard about this amazing superfood called CHIA SEEDS about 4 years ago when I read BORN TO RUN by Christopher McDougall.  Barefoot or minimal running was all the craze and there was this guy, Caballo Blanco, who would down a handful of chia seeds and then go off running barefoot in the mountains for hours.  Well I’m a runner and though I never really got into the barefoot running movement I did think these chia seeds sounded pretty amazing.  What’s so great about them?  Well they are loaded with fiber, omega 3’s, protein, iron, and calcium.  My current bag says 1 tbsp has 4 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein.  So I bought a  bag and started incorporating them into my meals and smoothies.  They are now a part of my daily diet.  Just watch for the chia seeds that get stuck in your teeth!  See below for my favorite ways I use chia seeds.

Chia Seeds


#1  Sprinkle a tablespoon on a pb&j before a run.

#2  Put at least a tablespoon in any juice smoothie for an extra superfood boost.  Seen here in FIERCELY GREEN SMOOTHIE.

#3  Sprinkle a tablespoon on your yogurt or oatmeal to add a boost of protein an fiber.  As seen here in PROTEIN POWERED BREAKFAST BOWL.

#4  Scoop a tablespoon of chia seeds in your water with lemon to help boost hydration anytime, but especially after a long run.

#5  Travel with chia seeds for an extra boost of fiber when not the road.  Sprinkle on all breakfast and lunches.  (I personally need that extra boost of fiber when traveling so this a must for me!)

Chia Seed Smoothie

Greek Yogurt Bowl

Chia Water

I hope you fall in love with Chia Seeds as much as me!  Just be sure to check your teeth!  And start out slowly when first using them so you body gets used to the boost of fiber.

Fiercely Fiberous Wendy

Chia Seeds

Born to Run



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