So how did I start living a healthy lifestyle….?

Let me first say that I’ve always been pretty petite and most would say “skinny.”  But what I’ve learned is that skinny does not mean healthy.  In fact at my skinniest I was probably the least healthy.  This is what I used to eat…..

Breakfast = Starbucks Coffee Frap, banana, and nutrigrain bar

Lunch = Rubios cheesy bean burrito and a sprite

Dinner = Top Ramin and mozzarella sticks

I felt super duper tired, unenergetic, unmotivated and cranky.  I also had bad skin and would get these horrible bloated stomach aches.  Most people, including doctors, would think I was healthy because I wasn’t overweight.  In fact when I would go to the doctors they would just say that I have acid buildup and tell me to take some Pepcid.

These stomach aches or as I called them, “the monster living in my stomach” was my wake up call to start listening to my body and fueling it with what it needs to feel great.  I’ve been on this journey to health for the past 8 or so years, always improving and learning.  It started with running and exercise, which then lead to healthy eating which includes lot’s of veggies and juicing! I discovered how great my body could feel and now I am addicted to always making it feel its best.

quote body designed to feel


I think people have this perception of me as this skinny girl who is afraid to eat that cupcake cause she’ll get fat.  But that’s not the case, I’m afraid to eat the cupcake because it will unleash the monster in my stomach!  But please know that though this blog is dedicated to my healthy lifestyle I do like to indulge and have my favorite treats, cupcakes are just actually not one of them!

Forever passing on the office cupcakes and doughnuts,

Fiercely Wendy

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